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Ambulance service in Bangalore

We offer all types of patient transfer service in Bangalore at best possible rates and timely service. With over 160 hospitals network and 30+ vehicles we serve

Basic Ambulance service in Banglore (BLS)

Patient transport ambulance is also a basic life support vehicle where it’ll be equipped with a single jumbo cylinder with an wheel stretcher , used for emergency patient shifting from one point to other or from one hospital to other hospital and also to transport the patient suffering from back pains or some other problems can’t be able to travel for scanning or weekly checkup in a normal vehicle by sitting or laying comfortably .

Advanced Ambulance service in Banglore (ALS)

Trauma care ambulance is also known as ventilator ambulance with a/c where it’ll be having an equipments which is used in hospitals such as bipap machine, cipap machine, pulse, heart beat, ecg indicating monitor, syringe pump, suction machine, nebulizer, with double jumbo cylinders.

Operated by an experienced paramedical staff to transport critical conditioned patients like breathing problem patients, accident injured patients, heart patients, liver problem patients, incubated patients, from infant to adult can be shifted with hassle free.

Outstation Transfer in Ambulance

Anywhere to Bangalore or vice versa, transportation service in limited time through Ambulance vehicles. we have done it everytime for critical heart, Brain and body parts transplantations.

Hearse Ambulance service in Banglore (HLS)

At best price you can ger Hearse van rentals in Bangalore from Us.

Air or Train Ambulance service in Banglore

We assist in the Right way for faster transfers through Train or Flight.


Ambulance Bangalore
Network of Ambulance service in Bangalore


Mini Van or Omni Ambulance service in Bangalore

Free ambulance services in Bangalore

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Hearse van rentals Bangalore

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Freezer box Bangalore rentals

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Funeral or undertaker services in Bangalore

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Freezer fitted ambulance is used to transport the dead body from hospital to home or from home to their native place or to a long distance travel without letting the body to get decayed as the body will be stored in a cooling box (freezer box) with the support of a/c fitted to it or a cooling system run by the UPS. Some of the patients die due to kidney problem brain problem then their nerve system gets blocked and the liquids in their body starts flowing out to stop that the body should be stored freezed so the freezer fitted vehicle is used for this purpose



Hearse van service is nothing but carrying the person who left his life in any form , doing his last rights like funeral by taking the body from home or hospital to the cremation center where it’s used in local city.



Embalming is done to the dead person by cutting one of the nerve to get bad cells out (which influences the body to decay or the flow out of liquids) and injecting a drug called formalin with the legal permission, this is done only when he/she is transported to long distance or kept in the home for a long period.



Flight transfer is done for both dead and alive patients where some live patients will be in an
emergency and should be transported immediately to other hospital outside the country/state
while it takes time by travelling on the road so to cut the time and help the patient to get recover
soon flight transport is suggested,
while in dead body some of the patients will be here for working purpose or some other reasons so
when they leave their last breath in this city and wants to be transported immediately to their
native for their last rights while it takes minimum 56hours to reach 2000kms by road the flight takes
minimum and maximum time of 10hrs including all the legal procedures. Train transfer is similar to flight transfer where it takes 33hrs to reach 2000kms comparing to travelling by road train transfer is bit earlier train transfer is also used to transfer dead/alive patients



Dead body freezer box comes in three types
normal box , VIP box and VVIP box.
Three box also does the same work by cooling the body inside it but the design and the looks differs
based on the requirement the box will be provided , where the family people needs to keep the
body in the house for particular period for some reasons.


About US

Bangalore Ambulance Service, with its specially trained, emergency service and intensive care experienced physicians, anesthesia technicians and nurse and ambulances equipped with intensive care capabilities of emergency care, which are comparative to international standards, reach patients in the shortest time period. In addition, our ambulance services also cater to patients who need to be shifted to other places on a non-emergency basis. Our Ambulance Services is equal to arriving in an emergency room of health center. Effective and correct intervention results with easy recover of the patient. We are fully equipped ambulance Service in chennai staffed with experienced physician, anesthesia technician and a driver reaches patients in the shortest time. We offer effective and efficient ambulance Services as per the requirements of our clients. Our motto is to serve the mankind and provide the needful services to help our clients.


FAQ :  Ambulance Service in Bangalore | Orchestra Service in Bangalore


How to Book Ambulance service in Bangalore?

Call | Watsap or Message for quote on Ambulance - +919606060225


How to Check if Ambulance service is Free of Cost in Bengaluru ?

GOVT ambulances are free, But Professionalism or nearest Hospital they will drop you and you have to take Call. Paid ambulances are completly professional service with modern equipments and Facilities


How Can I call Ambulance in Bangalore ?

A : Dial 108 govt duty ambulance will guide you throughout | Dial us on +919606060225 for private paid service.


What is 108 Free ambulance in Bangalore ?

A : Govt service of 108 from your phone can be availed, Also subject to availability and service provided.


Does Private Hospitals provide Ambulance service in Bangalore?

Yes they do, Their bill will be 2 times than ours. So cheapest ambulance service is us.


What are the Ambulance charges per KM in Bangalore?

Please call us on +919606060225 for detailed discussion and depends on many fators like time, distance.


Why is Ambulance seva so Expensive?

Equipments in the vehicles are costly, Bookings are less so its expensive to avail Ambulance service.


Are Ambulance vehicles and Hospitals interlinked?

We travel daily with many patients, so we know how to act in trauma or emergency.


What are other services offered apart from Ambulance Vehicles?

Trauma care ambulance/ventilator ambulance
Patient transport ambulance
Freezer fitted ambulance
Hearse van service
Flight transfer
Train transfer
Dead body freezer box
Funeral services
Dry ice
National and international cargo clearance
Coffin box

What is an air ambulance?

Air Ambulance Service is another mode of Medical Transportation. It is considered as the fastest means of transportation and often availed during an emergency. The helicopters and planes will be specially configured with basic and advanced life support, based on the patients’ requirement.

Do you provide services outside of Bangalore?

Yes. We do provide services in all major cities of Karnatka such as Mysuru, Tumkur, Hassan and 28 Districts. We are also available in other states too.

What should I carry with me during the transport?

The staff of Non-Emergency Ambulance collect the necessary details of the patient or travel and equip the ambulance accordingly. However, the guardian or the patient assistant is expected to carry all the required medication and reports. However, carrying too much luggage is not encouraged as it causes inconvenience to the person aboard.

Who can travel along with me in Non-Emergency Ambulance?

The convenience of travel and safety of the patient is our priority. The ambulance will have limited space after fixing the required medical equipment. Considering the patient privacy and other medical staff on board, limited number of escorts are allowed to travel along with the patient.

For what kind of cases I can avail Non-Emergency Ambulances?

People with health complications such as respiratory, cardiac and orthopaedic issues can avail Non-Emergency Ambulance services when they are visiting a hospital for check-up. The services are mainly availed by the people who are travelling on medical purpose. Also, elders and people with limited mobility can avail this service who are intended to travel long distances.

What kind of medical equipment is employed in Non-Emergency Ambulance?

The ambulance will be equipped with equipment such as oxygen cylinder, ventilator and other equipment that provides basic life support. The other medical equipment will be arranged based on the person’s health demands. Apart from that the general equipment such as first-aid-kit, wheelchairs and foldable stretchers will be arranged before commencing the journey.

What kind of Medical Support Do I get during the Medical Transportation?

Availing a Non-Emergency Medical Service for Medical Transportation would be convenient and safe. The medical transportation service providers ensure a qualified medical team is aboard based on the medical condition of the person. The professionally trained individual or team provides the required medical support and care to the person during the journey.

What’s the difference between a Regular Ambulance and a Non-Emergency Ambulance?

An Emergency Ambulance will be equipped to provide advance life support to the patient who is in critical situation and demanding medical assistance at the earliest. On the other hand, the Non-Emergency Ambulance will be equipped to serve the people who are in stable health condition but unable to travel in regular vehicles for various reasons.

I'd like to get ambulance services for specific events, what do I do?

Ambulance services could be availed for corporate events, camps, job fairs and other events conducted by the companies. In addition, these services could also be availedmarriages and even for other functions and celebrations

When should I avail a Non-Emergency Ambulance Service?

Non-Emergency ambulance services could be availed by patients who are just recovering from illness, people who could not travel in regular vehicles. If you are a senior citizen who requires regular medical check-ups or getting discharged from a hospital post treatment or intended to travel longer distances, you could hire a non-emergency ambulance for a safe and convenient journey backed by a team of medical professionals on board.

What is a Non-Emergency Ambulance?

A Non-Emergency Ambulance provides extensive medical transportation services just like the regular Emergency Ambulance. However, as the name implies the non-emergency ambulances offer medical transportation services for the recovering patients and for people with limited physical ability to travel in a regular vehicle such as senior citizens, children and differently abled persons.

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